How to find an industrial design job

In this article, we will discuss the best alternatives to industrial design jobs and provide you with tips on how to find your position.

What is Industrial design?

The concept of industrial design is relatively new but has already gained popularity among many modern people. We can say that this is a synthesis of science and art, the main purpose of which is to improve the external qualities of objects.

Industrial design – a field of project activity, which deals with the artistic design of the elements of the subject content of the human environment, created by means of industrial production. It can be considered as an exceptional phenomenon of project culture, which initiated the project activity, which received in the XX century name “design”. This activity includes elements of art, marketing, and technology. It covers a wide range of objects from home use to high-tech products. With the blurring of the boundaries of various branches of design, the main area of industrial design is the artistic design of mass industrial production.
Industrial design is focused on the development of the following things:
● Furniture and equipment and elements of interiors and exteriors for residential and public interiors;
● Household and everyday items (furniture, toys, utensils, electrical equipment, lighting equipment, etc.);
● Elements of filling of landscape territories (kiosks, trade points, checkpoints, kinetic and act-objects for personal plots, parks, squares, playgrounds, etc.);
● Vehicles (land, air, water/underwater),
● Advertising objects (billboards, billboards, lightboxes, visual communication systems, etc.);
● Equipment for people with disabilities;
● Engineering devices and structures;
● Technological or production equipment (machines and other elements of equipment of the production environment).

The essence of the work of an industrial designer

The job of an industrial designer is to define the appearance of a product, make it different from competitors, and focused on a specific market segment and consumers.
Project development includes the following features:
● the creation of design is based on modern trends;
● the specialist must take into account the convenience and safety when using the subject;
● during development it is necessary to remember compliance with the wishes of the buyer;
● the designer needs to follow the principle and concepts of the company.
A designer in the industry doesn’t just “make beautiful”; he must take into account the specifics of a particular product and its future application. It is necessary to have not only a subtle aesthetic taste but also a clear idea of how to avoid fatal mistakes.

Professional responsibilities

If you are looking for the vacancy of industrial designer, the following responsibilities should be taken into account:

  • design of industrial design in accordance with aesthetic, functional, technological, and economic requirements;
  • calculation of parameters of the designed product, selection of necessary materials and development of technological stages of production, etc .;
  • product modeling or control over the process of creating a product sample;
  • control over the production of a serial product;
  • monitoring of the latest trends and changes in the design of developed products, the study of the latest design concepts;
  • creation and improvement of the form of a designer product;
  • participation in the process of developing a new product;
  • participation in domestic and foreign competitions and exhibitions.